Checkout the 2 new singles off the new EP “Hellophantastic”

GreenLight Go!
“GreenLight Go!” is a tribal beat blend with crunchy guitar riff and piercing electronic sounds with hypnotic vocals weaving in and out of empty space…
GreenLight Go! is a clear message of liberation and euphoria to make things happen. Don’t be on standby hence the red light when you get that “Green Light” go for everything you want and dance while doing it.

There Goes My Ego

“There Goes My Ego” is a moody tune a step away from our conventional Elephant 12 sound. We felt so passionate about this song when it was completed, it has this melodic groove that put you in a state of being “braggadocio”..Inflating your ego no one can tell you things are impossible, you can achieve, believe, escape, create, transform that bring about change.