Love Knock on Wood

Review from Middle Tennessee Music:

I tend to check out the bands who send press over. I gotta say, Elephant 12 was a great way to start my morning off! Their latest, “Sold Out”, is “on the shelf,” and if the whole record is anything like the the first single, it should sell out in no time!

“Love Knock On Wood” totally rocks! It’s a great pop-punk tune with a catchy vocal and cool guitar riffs with deftly blended styles from around the world. Yeah Yeah! Ooh, Whoo!

Lyrics that sort of remind me of Cake or Foo Fighters fit in with raunchy staccato guitars with crazy stereo effects, and stupid cool stylistic changes keep the ears in high-alert mode all the way through. Top that off with a good mix and – damn!

Like the old Chili Peppers songs, “Love Knock On Wood” tells a story; blunt and to the point, but it’s not one that you get all of on the first listen. Yo, there’s textures and layers woven in the lyrics like the canvas they’ve been painted on.


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